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RCY PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL SERVICES PROVIDES SUPPORT to school divisions through a School Psychology Services Model. Dr. Johnson’s 2007 doctorial research - Attributes of Effective Psycho-Educational Assessment: Teachers’ and School Psychologists’ Perceptions - found both teachers and school psychologists reported that for psycho-educational assessment to be effective, it must be one component of a continuum of interrelated services.


The continuum of interrelated services includes consultation, intervention development, program planning, problem solving, and capacity building through collaborative partnerships with educators and parents. Educators and parents work with Dr. Johnson to identify priorities and plan interventions, the team works together through implementation stages. When psycho-educational assessment is utilized, it is a tool to provide information for programming within the continuum of services. In this model, the primary focus is on making a positive impact on the student - a discernible change in a student’s life experience through educational programming.


The School Psychology Services Model is presently being implemented in Peace River School Division #10.